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Walks for all seasons

It is a great joy to walk the rolling hills of the Sussex Downs, the harbours, coastal plains, the High Weald and Surrey.   

Peter Lovett walks map routes to suit your interests, adding an extra dimension to the scenery.  

The walks make time to enjoy the plants, birds, insects, churches and history.  

That is Peter’s speciality.



“It is great fun to run my own enterprises, (Peter Lovett Talks & Peter Lovett Walks), based on my love of nature, history  and walking.”  Peter Lovett, B.Sc., (Biology).


Simply joyful

The South Downs and Surrey Hills are rich with beautiful butterflies, orchids and other plants.  

An experienced walk leader and nature lover like Peter adds value to walking in such areas.



Bellflowers are in bloom on the South Downs and the chalk grasslands support a wide variety of butterflies.  To see a Dark green fritillary Click here

If you love both nature and walking – Peter Lovett’s walks satisfy both interests, which other groups may not.

Early-purple Orchid

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National Trust gardens such as Wakehurst Place are most colourful.  Click here to see.

Mysterious Toothwort

Bee orchid




Butterfly orchid

Peter Lovett

Common blue

I shall be leading a number of walks this spring and summer 2019 looking at native orchids on the South Downs and Low Weald of West Sussex.

“The Pride of Sussex”, the County flower of Sussex,

Round-headed Rampion with a Pyramidal orchid